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The Armored Satchel

The Armored Satchel is a serial–a story written and published chapter-by-chapter–that ran on the groundbreaking serial fiction website JukePop Serials between March 2013 and March 2014. It has now been completed, but you can still read it for freeThe Armored Satchel is a spy thriller adventure set in occupied Europe during World War II. If you like the story, please vote for it!

armoredsatchel 1

The Armored Satchel, (c) 2013-14 by Sean Munger

Published March 2013-March 2014 by JukePop Serials

Max Volcker may have been born in Kaiserslautern, but his heart is back home in Brooklyn. His name is carved underneath a seat at Ebbets Field, his last school assignment is still in his locker at Brooklyn Tech and his Bushwick boyfriend is serving on a U.S. Navy battleship in the Pacific. Forcibly deported to Germany after his family was mistaken for Nazi agents, Max will do anything to get back to America, but driving a Wehrmacht officer around German-held France doesn’t offer many opportunities to escape. That is, until a French Resistance bomb takes out Max’s employer and breaks the lock on the officer’s steel-reinforced briefcase full of forged passports, papers and counterfeit cash.

When Max appropriates the identity of the officer–a crack Nazi intelligence agent known as “the Specter”–he decides he’ll work secretly for the Allies as a mole, and when the war ends they’ll reward him with U.S. citizenship and a ticket back to New York. But there’s just one catch: the Allies don’t know Max is a double agent. He must convince them of his sincerity while pretending fealty to Hitler’s goons and staying one step ahead of everyone who ever saw the real Specter in person. Considering Max is only 20 and has no intelligence training, that’s a tall order. Now he’d better become an expert in high-level espionage, and fast–before his blunders lose World War II for the good guys!.

Where to Read It

JukePop Serials — “The Armored Satchel”

How You Can Help

Please vote! JukePop Serials brings serial fiction directly to readers (there’s even a phone app you can download to get your favorite stories), but we do need your votes. Create an account at JukePop Serials (it’s free) or sign in via your Facebook page, and will enable you to vote. The JukePop site gives cash prizes for the top-rated serials, so every vote helps me get there!

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4 comments on “The Armored Satchel

  1. Everyrosehasathorn
    June 8, 2013

    I reviewed this on my site like promised, I don’t know how to get it back onto your site, but feel free to repost if you want to.

    • seanmunger
      June 8, 2013

      Thanks! I will reblog it in the next few days. I appreciate you reviewing the serial!

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