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Too few businesses are paying attention to the #1 factor that will drive their future profitability: climate change. 
I’m a historian, but I speak the language of business. I use lessons from the past to help people make better decisions, think critically, and overcome challenges in the present. I’m especially engaged in helping business leaders prepare for a climate-changed future. 

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The Warmest Tide: How Climate Change is Changing History


In my first nonfiction book, The Warmest Tide: How Climate Change is Changing History, released August 20, 2019 (available on Amazon here), I use the “magic glasses” of the past to peer into the future and envision how climate change is going to affect world history. Our global economy, our political system, the dominant superpowers, the way we live, even the way we define ourselves and our communities–all of these things will change as a result of global warming.

The Warmest Tide: How Climate Change is Changing History  is a book well worth reading.  It frames climate change, the global economy and the need to make major changes on both that is masterful.  It also offers hope into the future, something a professional historian can perhaps do better than anyone else.  I highly recommend this book!”

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