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“Zombies of Byzantium” Trailer To Be Shown At Mid Point Music Festival!

This is just a quick blurb to let you know three things:

1. There is a video trailer for Zombies of Byzantium.

2. It is going to premiere at the Mid Point Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio this upcoming weekend.

3. I’ll put it up on YouTube after the festival.

So, yeah. I don’t live in Cincinnati, so I won’t be at the Mid Point Music Festival, but browsing its website (here) it looks like a pretty cool spread. It sort of reminds me of SXSW with a lot of bands at different venues and such, and also a film festival component. My publisher hasn’t given me details on exactly where and when the Zombies of Byzantium trailer is going to be shown, except that it will probably appear between some of the local talent films being offered at the festival. A few other short films by Samhain Horror authors will also be shown.

The film festival (officially titled MidPoint Film Fest) looks very cool. And they’re searching for volunteers. More information is available on that here.

City Beat has a cool guide to the festival here. It will be happening September 27-29.

Yes, the Zombies of Byzantium trailer is awesome! At least I think it is. Everyone who has seen it has laughed at precisely the right moment, which tells me it works. Once the festival is over I’ll post it on YouTube and of course on this site, so stay tuned!

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