Appropriately enough on Halloween, my upcoming book, Zombies of Byzantium, now has a release date–and you can preorder it from Amazon and other retailers starting today!

Zombies of Byzantium, published by Samhain Press, will come out in paperback on February 4, 2013 and in e-book version (including Kindle) the next day. Both Amazon and Apple iBookstore are already offering pre-order.

Pre-order for the paperback version is here.

Pre-order for Kindle is here.

Pre-order for the iBookstore is here.

And, if you have a Nook (like me), the Barnes & Noble link is here.

It’s clear that the preferred tag line for the book is “The Dead Have Been Alive For Centuries.”

The book inches closer to release! I’m really excited about it, and things are in the works for signings and other potential release events. So stay tuned!

Have a great Halloween!