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Missing Persons

New on My YouTube: Missing Persons Videos.

Most of you know that in addition to writing books, one of my side projects is publicizing cold cases of missing persons. Over the past few weeks I’ve been making a few short videos showcasing a few cases I find particularly interesting. You can find them on my YouTube channel (though I am still deciding whether to leave them there, or perhaps create a new channel and leave ZombiesOfByzantium for book-related business).

Anyway, here they are. They’re quick, no more than 45 seconds, and designed to be clicked, re-tweeted, and spread around on social media. Take a gander, and if you like, pass them on! Further information on these cases can be found on Charley Project ( I do not run that site, but I know the person who does.

Joseph Bushling (disappeared 2011):

Jordan Hall (disappeared 2001):

Elizabeth Ann Gill (disappeared 1965):

Joseph Force Crater (disappeared 1930):

Barbara Zakon (disappeared 1984):

Celina Mays (disappeared 1996):

Teresa Schmidt (disappeared 2002):

Lester Jones (disappeared 2010):

Jay Pringle (disappeared 1977):

Nancy Branch (disappeared 1992):

Benjamin Cannon (disappeared 1995):

This is an ongoing project, so I’ll be making a few more of these eventually. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Really feel terrible to see these videos.. What can we do for them..!

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