Most of you know that in addition to writing books, one of my side projects is publicizing cold cases of missing persons. Over the past few weeks I’ve been making a few short videos showcasing a few cases I find particularly interesting. You can find them on my YouTube channel (though I am still deciding whether to leave them there, or perhaps create a new channel and leave ZombiesOfByzantium for book-related business).

Anyway, here they are. They’re quick, no more than 45 seconds, and designed to be clicked, re-tweeted, and spread around on social media. Take a gander, and if you like, pass them on! Further information on these cases can be found on Charley Project ( I do not run that site, but I know the person who does.

Joseph Bushling (disappeared 2011):

Jordan Hall (disappeared 2001):

Elizabeth Ann Gill (disappeared 1965):

Joseph Force Crater (disappeared 1930):

Barbara Zakon (disappeared 1984):

Celina Mays (disappeared 1996):

Teresa Schmidt (disappeared 2002):

Lester Jones (disappeared 2010):

Jay Pringle (disappeared 1977):

Nancy Branch (disappeared 1992):

Benjamin Cannon (disappeared 1995):

This is an ongoing project, so I’ll be making a few more of these eventually. Stay tuned for more!