So, you may have heard that the world is supposed to end on December 21 according to some half-baked Mayan prophecy. I’ve always thought December was the best month for a world-shaking disaster. It is, after all, the month that Pearl Harbor happened, and various other things in history where lots of people got killed.

I’ve decided to celebrate “Disaster December” by putting up the Amazon Kindle version of Life Without Giamotti for free between December 7 (the anniversary of Pearl Harbor) and December 21 (the day the world supposedly ends)! It’s been on Kindle for a while, but I haven’t really promoted it, and I figure now with the world ending, why not? I mean, it’s not like I’m going to have any use for the money anymore, right? And while you’re huddled in your bomb shelter, drinking bottled water, eating your carefully-stockpiled canned goods and awaiting the end of civilization, you’ll need something to pass the time. I mean, reading Revelations 9 for the umpteenth time can get pretty old, can’t it?

And, to further mark the end of the world–and celebrate the recent addition of the Giamotti sequels, All Giamotti’s Children and Giamotti in Winter to Kindle–I’ve decided to offer those two books, again between December 7 and 21, for 99 cents a piece. Spare me a dollar apiece in case the world doesn’t end. If civilization is only badly maimed, for instance, instead of totally destroyed, I’ll need something to live on while we rebuild our shattered lives, right?

In case you aren’t familiar with the trilogy, Life Without Giamotti, which originally came out in 2006, is the story of a fictional character who becomes self-aware and decides to become real–by building a machine that will manipulate the space-time continuum and essentially erase the line between what is fictional and what is real. The only problem is that this state of affairs will have the side effect of destroying the existing universe as we now know it.

Here is a 4-star review of Life Without Giamotti.

All Giamotti’s Children, published in 2008, continues the saga, in which Giamotti seeks to liberate fictional characters, as a race, from the bondage of imagination–at least as he sees it–and repopulate the universe with imaginary people. The trilogy is concluded in Giamotti in Winter, where Giamotti seeks his final revenge against the enemies who continually try to thwart him.

If I say so myself, these are some pretty awesome books, and free is a very good price at least to start with. So, beginning this Friday, December 7, you can get the first book free, and the whole trilogy for $1.98. Maybe I’m biased because I wrote the books, but I can’t tell you how much of an awesome deal this is! Even if you don’t have a Kindle you can download an app for free so you can read Kindle books on your computer. (Note, they also have them for Apple products).

And since we’re all going to die anyway on December 21, what have you got to lose?

Here are the links!

Life Without Giamotti [NOTE: Amazon only allows a 5 day free promotion period, which began Dec. 7 and ended at the end of the day Dec. 11. If you find the book on Amazon you’ll find it priced at $2.99. The FREE version is available until Dec. 21 through this page. There is an image on that page which will begin a download when you click it. You have to transfer the file to your Kindle manually. Sorry about that.] [Page has since been taken down as the promo is over.]

All Giamotti’s Children ($0.99 between Dec. 7-Dec. 21)

Giamotti in Winter ($0.99 between Dec. 7-Dec. 21)