Today is January 26, and in a little more than a week my horror novel Zombies of Byzantium will be released! The official release date is Monday, February 4 (February 5 for the e-book version), but the book has already begun to get some notice around the web.

The first “official” review of the book was posted on a blog called Shattered Ravings, which reviews all sorts of horror, fantasy and SF books and movies. Reviewer Matthew Scott Baker had some great things to say about the book. Read the full review for his opinion, which I’m very happy to note is very positive. The review is also posted on Goodreads.

I also expect some other reviews to be hitting the web fairly soon. I’m still in the process of lining up some book signings and/or appearances, but as I’m not well-known yet, I can’t guarantee anything will come through. But if it does, I’ll be sure to announce them on this blog and my Twitter.

I’m in the process of creating an author page on Facebook too, but there’s not much there yet. My relationship with Facebook is notoriously rocky, so I’m doing the best I can, but you’re certainly welcome to hit that “like” button if you, well, you know, like!

I’m really excited about the upcoming launch of the book. I hope you all enjoy Zombies of Byzantium, and I can assure you that I’ve got more zombie books on the way!