newsite header

Let’s not sugar-coat it. This website has been sucking lately. I really haven’t been very proud of how I’ve been using it, although I do try to put up some good content. This changes today. You will notice I revamped the look of the site. Well, the content is going to change too.

I do not want this site to be Another Boring Author Website®™. You know the type. A dull, milquetoast site which functions as little more than an electronic repository of press releases, a canned bio and links to where interested readers can buy Author O. Goodbook’s stuff, and where, on a good day, other Author O. Goodbooks might find writing advice or tips on how to use social media. I never want this site to be like that. I want this site to be a place where you can find cool stuff, whether it’s related to my writing or not.

Well, I was looking at my site last night, and guess what? I realize it has become Another Boring Author Website®™. I haven’t done as good a job as I could have in collecting interesting content and presenting it here.

So, things are going to operate a little differently from now on. Starting today I’m going to be doing more frequent, shorter posts, some of which may be related to stuff I’ve written, some of which may not be. For example, I might post a cool YouTube video I found, or a recipe, or an intriguing missing persons case, or something along those lines–but the content will always change, frequently. There will of course be longer posts related to specific things, books, the serial, that sort of thing, but I want this site to have some appeal to people who might not give a hoot in hell that I wrote Zombies of Byzantium or The Armored Satchel.

Hope you enjoy!