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The latest chapter of The Armored Satchel, my espionage thriller set in German-occupied Europe during World War II, is now up on JukePop Serials. Click the cover above to go to Chapter 11, or click here.

This is a really crucial chapter in the story. Lieutenant Vier, the fanatical Nazi femme fatale who has been stalking our hero Max, puts the entire city of Paris in lockdown to find him…but how many innocent people’s lives will she destroy to get to him? In the meantime, Jose, Max’s boyfriend, finally makes an appearance. In his underwear.

Seriously! It’s in there!

Chapters 10 and 11 of The Armored Satchel have proven to be the most pivotal yet. Although the chapter 9/10 cliffhanger may not have seemed that consequential, in resolving it I had to make a decision about how the story will go which is now irrevocable. So for those of you who think that there’s some grand plan and the serial is carefully plotted out chapter by chapter well ahead of time, now you know–it’s much more of an ad hoc thing!

I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please, if you haven’t already voted for The Armored Satchel, it would help me out a lot if you would. You can vote once per chapter.