There are a lot of bizarre unsolved missing persons cases out there, but Margaret Kilcoyne’s is one of the most baffling. A cardiologist from Nantucket, Dr. Kilcoyne may have wandered into the ocean on the chilly night of January 26, 1980, or–as some of the wilder rumors claim–she might still be alive, having changed her identity for reasons totally unknown.

The Charley Project write-up on Margaret Kilcoyne has some interesting details:

Kilcoyne was a cardiologist and was doing research at Columbia University, looking for treatments for hypertension. Just before her disappearance, she told her loved ones she had made a dramatic breakthrough in her medical research and might win a Nobel Prize. Her colleagues stated they had in fact made a breakthrough, but that it wasn’t as important a discovery as Kilcoyne thought it was. She did not leave a note explaining her actions, and she didn’t tell anyone of any plans to leave. The day before she went missing, she bought $650 in groceries and $250 worth of liquor. All the grocery items were purchased in multiples of three. She told people at the grocery store that she was going to hold a party and press conference to announce her research findings. However, she didn’t tell her family about any party, and she hadn’t contacted the media or made any other arrangements to prepare for such an event.

What happened in Nantucket on that cold night? We don’t know, and it’s likely we will never know. These are the cases that truly fascinate me–the ones that will probably never be resolved.