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Earth: Street chosen at random in Edinburgh, Scotland.

edinburgh scotland

I flew to a random street in the capital of Scotland. Looking at street view I was attracted by this “Standing Order” pub sign. Is it a pub? The sign above it talks about “family dining.” The line of trash bins outside leaves me skeptical that this is the sort of quaint atmospheric place to get a drink that I’d relish in Scotland, but maybe some of you Scots who I follow on Twitter can let me know what this place is like.

This picture appears to have been taken early in the morning. I like the obviously old, possibly 18th-century buildings fronting Rose Street North Lane. I wonder what the “Standing Order” was before it was a restaurant or whatever it is now.


  1. That’s the back/goods entrance to the standing order. Main entrance on George Street. It’s a Wetherspoon’s pub though, so it tends to attract ‘characters’

    • “Characters”? Haha, do tell!

      I’ll go back to it on GE and see if I can find the front entrance. Someone on Twitter commented on this, he says he goes to this pub to watch football.

  2. Google hasn’t sent their trucks down my mom’s street in a very long time. I know cause their pics show trees in our yard that were cut down years ago.

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