Update: This article was originally posted May 30, 2013. I have been told today (December 11, 2013) that Michael Owen was found alive and well. He is no longer a missing person and this is a happy ending to this case. Below you will see the text of the article as it originally appeared.

I will admit that the case of Michael “Mike” Owen caught my eye because, as you can see from the photos above, he appears to be a metalhead. Whether he is or not, he’s gone, and he’s been gone three years now without a trace.

Here is part of Charley Project’s writeup on Mike.

Owen left Bloomingdale, New Jersey on February 9, 2010, flying out of Newark Airport. He told his family he was going to live with some friends near Anaheim, California. Owen called home on May 9, 2010. This was the last time anyone heard from him. His current whereabouts are unknown. He was reported missing in August 2011, over a year after his disappearance.

The obvious question: did he make it to his friends’ place in Anaheim? We presume he did, but the information that’s available publicly is not that specific. I’m always puzzled by cases where it takes a long time to file a missing person’s report. In this case it was 15 months.

If you have seen Mike Owen–and if you had, you would probably remember him–please contact the Emmett Township Police at (269) 788-1760.