armored 3

Chapter 12 of the action-adventure spy serial The Armored Satchel is now up on JukePopSerials! To see the new chapter, click the image file of the cover above, or go here.

In this chapter, Max finally makes it to England, and finally winds up face-to-face with real live Allied intelligence officers. This is his make-or-break moment. But what happens if the Allies don’t believe him?

Meanwhile, in Paris, the city-wide dragnet for Max described in Chapter 11 is coming to its end…and Ilse Vier isn’t happy about it!

I’ve been eager to write this chapter since the very first days of the serial. In fact, all the dialogue between Max and the intelligence officers was planned out in my head months ago. There’s a bit of a twist at the end of this chapter…can you spot it?

I hope you enjoy this new installment. Please, if you haven’t already voted for The Armored Satchel, I desperately need all the votes I can possibly get. You can vote once per chapter. Help me out, vote, and spread the word!