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Earth: Gezi Park, Istanbul, epicenter of recent protests in Turkey.

gezi park

This is Gezi Park, near Taksim Square, in Istanbul. If you’re reading the news this week (but not American news, which generally refuses to report the story), you may have heard of this place. It is the proposed redevelopment of this park which sparked the protests, beginning May 28, that have grown into a widespread demonstration across much of Turkey against what the protesters say is the increasing authoritarian tendencies of the Ankara government.

Here is a story from today (BBC News) about the latest developments in Turkey.

I did some checking with that wonder of historical geography,, and found nothing about this site, but I note it is in the northern part of the modern city, across the Bosporus, which would have been Galata in the Byzantine era. This was not part of the city proper until more recent times.

I hope that the Turkish people have their voices heard, and that the government in Ankara ceases the heavy-handed tactics they have been using to suppress the protests to date. I also wish that the Western media would give this story more coverage than it has been getting.

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