Here’s a disturbing missing persons case with a long tail–crucial evidence that didn’t surface until decades later. It didn’t solve the case, but at least there’s more to go on than there was before.

Debra Frost, age 17, vanished from Salt Lake City, Utah in July 1984. She had been visiting her boyfriend at his place of work, and she planned to either walk or hitchhike back home. She never made it. Debra was planning to move to California the next day, for what reason is not entirely clear.

The next twist happened many years later. As Debra’s Charley Project file puts it:

In 2011, authorities learned Debra had contact with the police in Rock Springs, Wyoming on July 21, twelve days after she disappeared from Utah. The nature of this contact isn’t known, however, since the police records have been purged. Rock Springs is about 200 miles from Salt Lake City. Fred Martinez, a man Debra had dated occasionally, traveled between the two cities. He was 30 years old in 1984. Martinez committed suicide in 1995. Investigators haven’t named him as a suspect in Debra’s disappearance, but they are talking to people who knew him to see if there is any connection.

Something bad appears to have happened in Rock Springs, Wyoming later in July 1984. With the main suspect dead there’s not much to go on, and we will probably never know what really happened to Debra. She’s gone, yet another young person who simply vanished. There are disturbingly many of these cases out there.