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The Armored Satchel by Sean Munger

My serial “The Armored Satchel” got a terrific positive review by sshalnoy. Thanks so much for the props!

armored 4

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  1. Say had you considered the man that lived with Marble up in Halifax? when the mentor worked with him his mom was not a struggling single mother as has been written in the press. At the Coop in Brattleboro VT I worked with a man who was very much involved in Marbles life. He was married to Sigrid at the time , the whole family came to work and shopped ate in the cafe and the family was on good terms last I had know when he left the Coop. It remains odd that no mention of him has been made anywhere after the case got to NBC and nothing . One could easily enquire with the Coops Manager of 6-7 years ago. That man knew him will as I recall. this is certainly no mystery. in fact no digging at all would show this was common knowledge in the community’s center that is the Coop in this town. Knowing the above if nothing shows a lack of complete investigation if nothing else..

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