armored 4

Chapter 14 of the World War II espionage thriller The Armored Satchel, which you can read for free on JukePop Serials, is probably the most important chapter yet! In this installment we finally learn Gretchen’s role in the mysterious plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler…and why Max may now be the plotters’ only hope to take out the Fuehrer and end World War II before it claims millions more lives!

But before they get there, there’s the rather delicate matter of the rotting corpse in the bathtub in Gretchen’s hotel room. What are they going to do about that?

To read the new chapter, click the cover image above, or go here.

I’m proud of this chapter and I really like where the story is going. Best of all, as this blog goes up The Armored Satchel has 196 votes! That means we’re only a few votes away from another trivia question that will allow some astute reader to win an autographed copy of Beowulf is Boring.

So, if you haven’t yet voted, please do so! And stay tuned for the next installment.