rue d orillon

This is the Rue de l’Orillon, 11th arrondissement, in Paris. It is near the Belleville neighborhood toward the northwestern side of the city. It’s a fairly unremarkable street, and exploring it a bit on Google Earth I wonder if it’s now a predominantly Muslim neighborhood. On Street View I saw several male pedestrians wearing what appears to be traditional Middle Eastern garb.

In The Armored Satchel, my World War II spy thriller, the Rue de l’Orillon appears several times, for example, in Chapter 10. It’s the street where the Resistance spy, Roche, maintains his headquarters in the back of a bookstore. Assuming all goes well today and I manage to get a new chapter (Chapter 14) posted, you’ll also see this street again.

In reality I don’t know Paris very well. I’ve only been there once. I found the Rue de l’Orillon largely by accident while surfing around Google Earth. Anyway, I thought I’d add it here just for grins.