This article, originally posted June 5, 2013, was updated June 16. Scroll to the bottom for the update!

MORE FREE STUFF! Would you like a free copy of my book Beowulf is Boring, personally autographed to you? Sure you would! How do you win? Well, when my WWII spy serial The Armored Satchel gets 200 votes on JukePop Serials, I will post a trivia question based on one of the later chapters of the serial. The first person to answer the question correctly, whether here in the comments, on my Twitter or my Facebook page, will win the book!

It’s pretty simple. Of course you’ll need to go to The Armored Satchel on the serial website and VOTE on every chapter. You can do that either by signing up for an account on JukePop (they won’t spam you), or by signing in with your Facebook profile. Remember, vote once per chapter! The more votes I get, the closer my story gets to the top 30–which means I get paid! So this is a win-win proposition for everybody. (Well, almost everybody–previous winners are ineligible, unfortunately!)

I’ve chosen to give away Beowulf is Boring this time because it’s a book that hasn’t gotten much attention, except of course from the lovely Robyn Francis. I thought this might be a fun way to promote it, and to scare up some votes at the same time.

So, get reading and get voting! I’ll update this page the closer we get to 200, and also with the eventual winner.

Update I, 16 June 2013

WOW! All I can say to the fans of The Armored Satchel is, thanks! Chapter 14 went up yesterday, and as I sat down to check my blog I saw that the serial had 198 votes. Now, half an hour later, we’re at 238 and still climbing!

It’s now time for the trivia question! You can answer in the comments, through the form below, or on my Twitter or Facebook. First correct answer wins Beowulf is Boring! (Previous winners ineligible. Sorry, Agisilaos!)

If you know the answer, send it on and you’ll be the lucky recipient!

Thanks again! Keep reading and keep voting.