This is a video, evidently taken with a cell phone camera, showing the violent crackdown of police in Brazil against demonstrators this week. I’m not sure exactly what city this is (Sao Paolo?) but this sort of thing is happening all over Brazil–last night alone, demonstrators occupied the national congress building in Brasilia, the capital.

According to the BBC, the protests began in Sao Paolo when people demonstrated a proposed increase in bus fare. The demonstrations quickly spread when the protesters widened their focus to other issues–such as the insane amount of money the Brazilian government is spending on the 2016 Olympics and the upcoming World Cup, when issues of poverty, crime and health care are languishing and receiving little attention.

Now we have the protests becoming violent, as the above video demonstrates. The media is either not reporting, or downplaying, the violent aspects of the demonstrations. As happened in Turkey earlier this month (those protests are still going on, BTW), it’s up to social media to spread the word and highlight the terrible way in which Brazil’s supposedly democratic government is responding to this legitimate call for change.

Please  Tweet, Facebook or spread news of the Brazil protests to your friends and networks. One of the Twitter hashtags dealing with this is #brazilchange.