Theresa Bier, 16 years old, went camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the late spring of 1987 with a man named Russell “Skip” Welch. Skip was 43 years old. He and Theresa were looking for Bigfoot. Seriously–that is what Skip Welch told authorities after she vanished sometime on the trip. What a 16-year-old girl’s parents were thinking allowing her to go camping with a man in his 40s, searching for a mythical creature, is anyone’s guess.

According to Charley Project’s file, Skip had a rather unbelievable explanation for what happened to Theresa:

Authorities questioned Welch when he returned to Fresno several days later. He initially claimed that Theresa ran away from him on June 1, then he changed his story. Welch eventually stated that Theresa had been forcibly taken by Bigfoot. Welch was charged with her abduction, but the case against him was dismissed due to a lack of evidence in October 1987, more than four months after Theresa disappeared. Searches of the Shuteye Peak area produced no clues as to her whereabouts. Foul play is suspected in Theresa’s case.

I don’t believe in Bigfoot, so of course I don’t buy this story for a moment. Unfortunately it’s not a laughing matter. This girl has now been missing for 26 years. Skip obviously knows more than he was willing to say.