Robbie MacNiven, fellow JukePopSerials author and history student, has some terrific thoughts on historical fiction. A lot of connections here to what I’ve been posting lately!

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Robbie MacNiven

Yesterday I woke up abuzz with historical passion, fired by the cultural memory of three muddy days in June. It was the 198th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo and, history geek aficionado that I am, I spent at least an hour chocking my history-themed tumblr full of tribute posts (if you must know, it’s here)

There was a personal connection to the anniversary, for in February of this year I visited the battlefield in Belgium with my girlfriend. It was one of the most memorable occasions of my life (it only happened four months ago I know, but bear with me), and I found myself wondering what it was about areas of historical significance like this that possessed such a pull over me. Sure, all the guts, glory and drama has an undeniable, occasionally morbid appeal, but if it were solely due to those factors then wouldn’t…

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