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Chapter 15 of “The Armored Satchel”–from body disposal to a night at the opera!

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Chapter 15 of the World War II spy thriller serial The Armored Satchel is live on JukePop Serials! The tension continues to build. After last weekend’s grisly cliffhanger, this new installment takes you through the darkest and most puke-inducing realities of human body disposal, to a glamorous black-tie and evening-wear soiree at the Paris Opera. I’m not sure how I managed to cram those disparate worlds together in one chapter, but I did it!

This chapter is also very crucial. Max, the hero, finally comes face-to-face with the arch-nemesis who has been stalking him through the entire story: the fanatical Nazi bitch, Ilse Vier. This is a chapter not to be missed!

To read, click on the cover image above, or click here.

Please be sure to vote! The Armored Satchel got a whole slew of votes last weekend and is poised to climb into JukePop’s top 30 by the end of June. I need your votes now more than ever. There will also be two chapters this coming week, instead of just one, and there’s lots of fireworks in store!

And I still can’t believe that no one has answered the trivia question yet! There’s still a free copy of Beowulf is Boring up for grabs for anyone who correctly answers the question. For more on that, click here and scroll down to the update.

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