I first saw this video years ago when I was doing a lot of research on Antarctica for my book All Giamotti’s Children (which partially takes place there). This is an awesome, very well-done artistic video that compresses a whole year of time on “the ice,” as people who have been to Antarctica refer to it, into a little more than six minutes!

This video was made by Anthony Powell, who later returned to Antarctica on an artists and writers’ grant to make a more expanded movie of this idea. In this version, though, you get to see a lot of the stuff that goes on down there, both natural and manmade: growing icicles, clouds and the sky, ships unloading, grooming ice runways, the sky darkening for the 6-month winter, everything.

Antarctica is a fascinating place, and what happens there is often unknown to most people. This video sheds some light in a very interesting and thought-provoking way.

You may recognize the music in the winter section. It’s from the Edward Scissorhands movie.