armored 4

The second chapter of The Armored Satchel to come out this week, Chapter 17, is something special, if I say so myself. I had planned it to be a little more introspective, and with Max unexpectedly recognizing his father at the end of Chapter 16, we were headed for some more character-based material. But I certainly didn’t plan for Chapter 17 to become something of a tear-jerker!

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This chapter finds Max and Gretchen in Kaiserslautern, where Max discovers that his family has fallen on hard times. What he finds at his parents’ house causes the quest to kill Hitler to become very personal. Then, startlingly, Max gets married! But he finds the feelings unleashed by what he thinks is a sham wedding hit uncomfortably close to home..and lead to an emotional revelation.

This is, in some ways, my all time favorite episode of The Armored Satchel so far. Yes, it’s a bit “emo,” and not what you would expect from a spy thriller, but the characters are coming together in a way I didn’t anticipate when I started writing the serial. Getting to explore them as human beings, rather than merely action/adventure archetypes, has lent some richness to the narrative, at least from my standpoint.

And the act of Max, a gay man, getting married in this weekend’s chapter is deliberately symbolic due to certain political events in the United States this week.

We’re now in the final days of the month and JukePop Serials will soon be picking the top 30 serials for July. The Armored Satchel is on the verge of breaking into the top 30 but I really need your votes in the next few days to do it! This is, in part, why I pulled out all the stops on today’s chapter. If you’re a fan of the serial at all, please vote before midnight on June 30.

After all the “emo”-ness this week, I promise next week’s chapter will be back to good old fashioned spy adventure. Enjoy!