pub in belfast

Since I’ve been using my Google Earth to find interesting pubs around the world (like this one in Lithuania) today I thought I’d fly to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I expected the pickings to be fat and bountiful, and I figured I’d throw this article up in about 5 minutes. Not so. Buzzing around the streets of Belfast in Google Street View, let me say–no offense to you Belfastians–but there are some really cruddy looking bars in this town. It took me half an hour to find this place.

I’m not 100% happy with this one either, but at least the John Hewitt Pub on Donegall Street looks like a place I wouldn’t fear for my life if I happened to step into. Not sure what they have on tap, but it would seem Heineken is available in some form, and that’s better than nothing.

If anyone can suggest a nice photogenic pub in Belfast that would make a good Earth post, please hit me up in the comments or on Twitter.