by crom

This is By Crom, far and away my favorite webcomic, written by a friend of mine, Rachel Kahn. I don’t read many webcomics, but I do love this one and look forward to it eagerly when it comes out every Tuesday.

The “Crom” in By Crom is the god worshiped by Conan the Barbarian. Here’s how Rachel describes the premise of the strip:

Growing out of a newfound love of swords, sorcery and especially sandaled barbarians, By Crom is my tribute not just to Robert E Howard’s hero, but moreso to those of us who need a little encouragement to conquer the daily challenges of our lives.

In this comic, Conan comes along for dog walks, doctor’s visits, school days and self-pity days, and brings, yes, his sword, but often simply his own perspective to my mundane problems.

If the strip itself isn’t enough for you, By Crom is now also a book! I wish Rachel the best of luck with her first book–the maiden voyage into print is always exciting.

Follow Rachel on Twitter, she’s pretty cool!