armored 5

Chapter 19 of the WWII spy adventure The Armored Satchel is full of plot twists–and where the story ended up even surprised me! Max has to do his small part to contribute to the Hitler assassination plot…but then things go terribly awry very quickly. It turns out Heinrich Himmler, the sadistic head of the SS and number two in the Nazi state, is personally hunting him down! These are only a few of the twists you’ll find in this, possibly one of the most fast-paced chapters I’ve written to date.

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This chapter surprised me because it turned out totally differently than I expected. All week I had a pretty solid plan for how Chapter 19 would progress, but when I started writing it, it just wasn’t working. I thought, “Well, what if I took it in that direction?” What started as a hunch turned out to be a totally new angle. It’s a bit dangerous working this way, because the key decisions I made in this chapter are going to have profound effects for the rest of the plot.

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