russian peasant house

This is the interior of a Russian peasant house located in Kresttsy, Novgorod Oblast, in western Russia. This is a panorama from, and if you go to the link (below) you can spin around and see the details of the house, including the primitive kitchen and the doorway to the storeroom. This cottage, which evidently belonged to someone called Shkiparev, was built about 1880 and is preserved today with the fittings it would have had at that time.

I have a thing for old peasant houses like this. My visit to the reconstructed farmhouses at the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo impressed me so deeply that I came up with the idea to center The Valley of Forever, my work-in-progress about the nature of time, around a rustic Norwegian farming village that has become “frozen” in time. Shkiparev’s house evokes that same sense of rustic timelessness.

That doesn’t mean I’d want to live here. I’m sure the winters here are brutal, there doesn’t appear to be running water, the shroud over the bed looks like a big warning sign of a serious mosquito problem, and I doubt the WiFi signal is very strong. But through the miracle of technology we can observe places like this from our computers!

Link to 360cities spherical panorama for this image.