brandenburg town square

This is the main town square of Brandenburg (also known as Brandenburg an der Havel) in Germany, not far from Berlin. This building is, I believe, the Rathaus. In the link below you can fly into the panorma and check out the whole square. It’s a very typical German town center, very traditional.

Link to the spherical panorama on

A bit part of Chapter 20 of “The Armored Satchel” takes place here. At the very end of the chapter Max finds himself honored in an impromptu ceremony by the Burgomeister of Brandenburg. I even described the statue you see on the right (though I see I made a mistake in the chapter by mentioning two statutes–there appears to be only one).

In real life Brandenburg an der Havel had a sad history during World War II. It was one of the locations of the Nazis’ “T-4” euthanasia program, which many historians cite as a precursor of the Holocaust. The city was also heavily bombed by the Allies and nearly 70% destroyed.

Today it looks like a peaceful place. I bet you can get some good beer in the pubs off the main street here.