Curtis Han is a friend of mine on Twitter, and an aspiring author for JukePop Serials. He is one of the first young authors to take advantage of JukePop’s new “Aspiring Authors” feature, where writers put up their stories on a trial basis and those that receive votes and endorsements eventually get picked up on JukePop’s main platform. Curtis’s work in progress is called “Chasing Innocence” and it’s here.

I was surprised to find out that Curtis is also an aspiring actor. He is the first writer personally known to me who has an IMDB page (here) and a demo reel, which I embed below:

One of the coolest things about the JukePop experience has been meeting young up and coming writers. I’m evidently pretty old among the JP crew. If I’m not mistaken, Robbie MacNiven and Kevin A.M. Lewis are both in their early 20s, nearly half my age. The landscape of the writing world must look pretty daunting from the beginning of a writing career, so that’s why I try to give some support to these younger writers.

Good luck to Curtis on his further writing and movie projects.