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dot2Yesterday was a big day for my World War II espionage serial The Armored Satchel–two chapters in one day, 23 and 24. If you read this post from last week about the future of the serial, you should know that we’re getting toward a climax–but that doesn’t mean the serial is ending. This is the climax, and these are far and away the two most exciting, action-packed chapters of the entire story.

In Chapter 23, Max completes his escape from Wolfsschanze, after helping Stauffenberg get in to Hitler’s headquarters to detonate the bomb that the conspirators hope will kill the Fuehrer and end the war. But just when Max thinks it’s over, his arch-nemesis, Ilse Vier, comes back, hell-bent on destroying him once and for all. The spectacular showdown in Chapter 24 is an action sequence I’ve literally been planning for months!

To go immediately to these chapters, click the cover images with their numbers above, or click here for Chapter 23 and here for Chapter 24.

This is the big payoff I’ve been building up to for a long time. But don’t worry–after a brief hiatus, I’ll return with Chapter 25 just before the end of August and Max will be off and running on his next perilous mission through war-torn Europe.

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