byzantine cave church

This is why I love and Earth-exploring apps! This church literally carved out of a cave dates from the 13th century, about the time Byzantium was a state-in-exile after Constantinople fell to Western powers in the Fourth Crusade. The church, in what is now Tatlarin, Turkey, is located in the old Byzantine province of Cappadocia, where many important events in the history of the empire occurred.

I know very little about this church and the write-up on is bare bones. However, from my review of the frescoes, I can see many typical themes in Byzantine art, including Christ the Pantocrator, what appears to be a Roman soldier (dressed in medieval Byzantine fashion) under His left hand, and pretty crude images of saints.

I highly recommend clicking on the full panorama so you can see the paintings on the ceiling. It’s pretty interesting.

Link to 360cities spherical panorama for this image.

You know me, I’m a sucker for anything Byzantine!