armored 5

This week’s chapter of the ongoing World War II spy saga The Armored Satchel, Chapter 27, went up on JukePop Serials this afternoon. In this installment, our hero, Max Volcker, having escaped his troublesome Soviet chaperone Blednykh, tries to make it to the front lines where he hopes he can make contact with Allied troops. Changing disguises frequently–they don’t call him the “Red Chameleon” for nothing–Max poses as a doctor. That’s all well and good, until he’s escorted into a triage unit filled with battle casualties–whose lives he is expected to save!

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This chapter turned out totally differently than I had originally planned. But once I got him in the medical guise, the story seemed to take its own course. I like this chapter because it shows Max thinking on his feet, often coming up with creative solutions to dangerous problems on the spur of the moment. One of the things fans of the serial have said they like about Max is that he’s a spy who’s full of doubt. He doesn’t always know the right thing to do, and sometimes he truly gets in over his head. Here, he’s definitely a fish out of water.

Incidentally, in the brief teaser at the beginning of the chapter, which takes place in Moscow, I bring in some real life historical details of the espionage business. For instance, you’ll see GRU agents Karenov and Dubrovin discussing the transmission of intelligence information using numbers stations, which I blogged about a while back, and “one-time pads,” which is a spy gag I’ve been dying to do in the serial.

Please read and keep voting. The Armored Satchel is becoming a pillar of the JukePop bookshelf, so thanks again to everyone who helped make that happen.