armored 5

I usually post new chapters of The Armored Satchel, my World War II spy serial, on weekends, but my real life intervened this week. Be that as it may, I’m only a day late, as Chapter 31 is now up on JukePop Serials! In Chapter 31, Max and a crack intelligence team, led by British Royal Navy arch-spy Ferguson, infiltrate Nazi territory to help German atomic scientist Christoph Nehrig surrender to the Americans. It’s a race against time to get him before the Soviets do–but things don’t quite go according to plan, as Max and his compatriots find themselves enmeshed in the mysterious “Operation Flypaper”…which very well might mean their deaths!

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This chapter turned out pretty well, but I was actually dreading it. As soon as I set up the plot device of Nehrig being rescued, I knew I’d have to depict the operation to nab him, but I was worried about doing it in a realistic and believable way. I think I managed to get it right. The chapter also contains a pretty big plot twist, which is going to take the story in a whole new direction. I’m really looking forward to the next few chapters, and I guarantee they’re going to contain some twists and turns you aren’t expecting.

JukePop Serials recently unveiled a new function where readers can donate to their favorite authors. I’m working on setting this up. I will never charge you a fee to read The Armored Satchel, but if you could find it in your heart to donate, that would be terrific! I’ll be doing a blog post announcing the donation button once it’s all arranged. In the meantime, keep voting. As of this writing we’re at 739 votes and counting!