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Missing Persons

Disappeared: Sheldon Boyd, missing 6 years.

sheldon boyd

On Saturday evening, May 12, 2007, Sheldon Boyd, a 27-year-old Native American man from Chandler, Arizona, played a game of basketball with friends at an outdoor court in a park called Maggio Ranch Park. When the game was over he left to walk home. He has never been seen again.

Sheldon was reported missing by his girlfriend. I presume he lived with her, though I do not know that for certain; in any event she told the Chandler police that he’d left behind his wallet, car keys and cell phone. He didn’t show up for work the next day, which is very uncharacteristic behavior for him.

There are so many things that are distinctive about Sheldon Boyd’s appearance that it would be hard not to notice him. In addition to the head shots you see above, he has the following recognizable features:

  • A tattoo of a flying monkey wearing a crown on his shoulder.
  • A tattoo of a thunderbolt on his left hand.
  • A tattoo of a stylized “S,” representing the metal band Slipknot, on the back of his right calf. (Sheldon Boyd is thus the second missing metalhead I’ve featured on this blog, the first being Mike Owen).
  • Scars in the form of the Roman numerals XXI on his right abdomen.

sheldon boyd place

This is a Google Earth street view of the basketball court where Sheldon Boyd was last seen more than six years ago. Click for a larger version.

If you’ve read some of my other articles on missing persons, you’ll know I’m quite interested in the geography of these cases. Maggio Ranch Park is located in a primarily residential area. It looks like a fairly nice neighborhood with single-family homes and apartments. There’s a shopping center a few blocks away, containing a Home Depot and Staples, a Safeway, a fast-food joint and near a gas station. I’m intrigued by this proximity. If you were just done playing basketball with friends on a hot night–it’s Arizona, remember–what would likely be the next thing you’d do? Go somewhere and get a cold drink, maybe? Could whatever happened to Sheldon have occurred on the way to get a Coke at the gas station or the Wendy’s?

Alas, this is nothing more than rank speculation. The disappearance of Sheldon Boyd is, unfortunately, in the category of the most difficult missing persons cases to solve. In the absence of any concrete clues as to where he was headed (home? to a friend’s house? somewhere else?) or if he was accompanied by anyone, the possibilities of what might have happened are endless. Certainly he could have run away on his own; certainly there are innumerable foul play possibilities as well. These “bare bones” cases offer very little to go on.

In the event you know anything about this young man, call the Chandler (AZ) police at (480) 782-4130. Here is Sheldon’s file on Charley Project.


  1. mike

    I was just wondering if this case was still active?

    • I’m sure it’s still open, meaning, they won’t take it off the books. Actively being investigated? That’s another matter.

    • Vanessa John

      It’s still active I’m the girlfriend btw, ok well this is last of what has happened recently the story is a bit off, but this isn’t the first time i heard twist in the story which is odd for me. Ok so after he went missing during December and so forth his mother had received phone messages, of him mumbling things and sounding like he had dropped the phone a few times, saying something we had notified Chandler Police Department at the time, but no one ever got back to us and had just asked us if there had been a phone number, but on the voicemail the number came back as 01000… Something with no area code. The calls eventually stopped and nothing, to his mother’s phone. So now the search still continues.

  2. Donna Haynes

    Missing people really bothers me I wish I was a lot younger and had the resources to go look for them, My prayers go out to them and their families.

  3. Jodi Oe

    I use to go to that park a lot when I lived next to that park ( Formerly known as Los Arboles) . Its a nice place, never had any issues with crime. I remember I use to take late night jogs there too.

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