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Thanks to my illness last week it’s been 2 weeks now since I put up a new chapter of The Armored Satchel, my World War II espionage thriller, but Chapter 32 has just gone up on JukePop Serials! Chapter 32 finally explains what “Operation Flypaper” is about, and Max finds himself yet again a prisoner of the Germans. Will they execute him? Torture him? Or do they have some other nefarious plan for him? The clues are few and the waiting is agonizing, but it all leads up to the revelation of a particularly deadly secret–and one of the great plot twists of the entire serial!

To go immediately to Chapter 32, click the cover image above, or click here.

Even without my health issues this week, Chapter 32 was abnormally difficult to finish. I had a clear sense of where the story needs to go now, but the logistics of how to advance the plot forward were extremely tricky this time. What you’re going to read today is in fact the second full version of this chapter that I wrote. (The first version is trapped on my laptop, which is, for the moment, dead). Making the “deadly secret” the focus of Chapter 32 was the key decision I made. Previously it would have been revealed later, but I think at this point the readers need a good surprise, and it certainly sets up the next phase of the story.

I am still working on installing the function where you can donate. That will be up soon. Just to remind you, I’ll never charge you a fee for reading The Armored Satchel, but donations would be really appreciated. Satchel continues to climb in the JukePop rankings, having finished the month of October at number 18, with 751 votes. Thanks again!