This video clip should need no introduction. It’s Marilyn Monroe in one of the iconic moments of her career, the train rehearsal scene from Some Like It Hot as she plays the ukulele and sings “Running Wild.” I had this song in my head last night, and this blog is mostly about the contents of my head, so now here it is for you!

Some Like It Hot is one of the great all time classics of film cinema. Billy Wilder’s comedy triumph was made in 1959 and starred Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, musicians who dress as women to join a girl’s band and flee the mob, but they get more than they bargained for with Sugar (Monroe), the bombshell lead singer. Some Like It Hot is regarded as the pinnacle of Marilyn’s film career, and in its own right as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, comedy films ever made. It was inducted into the American Film Institute hall of fame in 1989, the very first year the list existed. Recently the US Postal Service chose an image of Marilyn strumming her ukulele to represent one of the great moments in film.

running wild music

The film takes place in 1929. “Running Wild” was a real song that really existed in the 1920s. It was written by A.H. Gibbs, Joe Grey and Leo Wood and was a big popular hit in 1922. Great song!