armored 5

The newest chapter (no. 34, if you’re counting) of my World War II espionage thriller serial The Armored Satchel is now up on JukePop Serials! This is a very crucial chapter, and one that answers a question I left hanging at the end of Chapter 33: what is in that mysterious bank vault in Basel, Switzerland? Documents? Jewels? Microfilm? A trap? Max gets to find out…and I guarantee it will change everything!

To go immediately to Chapter 34, click the cover image above, or click here.

The writing process for this chapter was a little different than I’ve used before. Part of it was occasioned by circumstances–I just plain ran out of time this weekend, but that said I think this chapter turned out very well. Spy stories rely to a great degree on “MacGuffins,” and the revelation of the MacGuffin is always a big moment. Although I’ve known from day one what the treasure in the bank vault would ultimately mean, trying to figure out what it actually is presented an interesting problem, and one I couldn’t resolve until I was actually in the writing process.

If you look closely in this chapter, you’ll find three fun, subtle references, if you can spot them:

  1. An homage to James Bond.
  2. A reference to the hard rock band Van Halen.
  3. A reference to the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut.

The Armored Satchel has just been chosen as an Editor’s Pick on JukePop Serials, and is now featured at the very top of the site! Big thanks to JukePop for featuring it. Also, the serial is now about 30 votes away from being ranked as the #1 thriller on JukePop Serials (after W.G. Sells’s Traverse, Inc.).  I’d love to see it hit number one in thrillers, but, as always, I need your votes!