A “gravity hill” is a mysterious place where objects roll uphill. The most well-known example is a road where cars set in neutral will roll uphill, but the effect can be observed with anything, such as balls, cans, or liquid poured on the ground. The video clip above shows a couple encountering a gravity hill in Titusville,  New Jersey.

There are hundreds of gravity hills all over the world. Many are tourist attractions. There’s one called “Magic Hill” in County Louth, Ireland, the Rua do Amendoim in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and the infamous “Oregon Vortex” near Medford, Oregon, USA. You can find lots of videos of gravity hills on YouTube. For example, here’s one in Bartlesville, Oklahoma:

Another in Malaysia:

Some of these gravity hills are rumored to be places where supernatural forces are at work. People like to report “auras” and other strange feelings. The reality is quite different. In fact a stretch of hill or road that appears to slope uphill actually slopes downhill because of an optical illusion. One thing you’ll notice about all of these gravity hills is that the horizons around them are obstructed, making it difficult to tell when something is sloping uphill or downhill.

As fun as these seem to be, there is, alas, no exception to the law of gravity. But they’re still quite rightfully interesting and amusing attractions!