The relationship of Napoleon and Josephine is one of the most epic love stories in history, and it’s all true! History blogger Robert Horvat does a terrific job illuminating the powerful emotions behind their stormy relationship, mostly in their own words. Really great stuff.


Rearview Mirror

Most people have undoubtedly expressed their love for someone in their life. Sometimes love is out of reach, but often it is within grasp. Love is expressed in countless forms, but the most timeless way love has been expressed throughout history is in the written form of the classic love letter. The love letter can be brief and to the point or a long and winding rollercoaster of feelings and emotions from devotion, elation, impatience to resignation. Of course, a love letter could also be written as a sonnet or another form of poem.

In 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte set in motion a coup d’etat and instated himself as First Consul. Then in 1804, armed with the support of the French people, Napoleon was proclaimed emperor of France. This was the calculated, ruthless and ingenious side of one of the most famous and influential men in history. However, this is not the…

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