marion mccleneghan

On Saturday night, February 6, 2010, Marion McCleneghan-Sodo went to a party at the home of her boyfriend at 7th Avenue and 14th Street in Brooklyn, New York, only a few blocks from her own home. Marion, age 40, worked at a medical marketing firm and things generally seemed fine in her life, although there had been some recent deaths in her family that were undoubtedly tough to deal with. At the party Marion evidently got into an argument with her boyfriend, one Mr. Sosa. She stormed out about 2AM. It has been suggested that she did not go home–Marion’s cell phone, bank card and cash were left behind, although the clothes she was wearing at the party were missing, as were two laptop computers and a handwritten journal she kept.

Marion’s departure from the party was apparently not the last time she was seen. The owner of a local business said he saw Marion come into her bodega at 7PM on Sunday night, February 7. He said she had been crying and seemed upset, told him she was going to Long Island and wouldn’t be seeing him again. (I presume she was a regular customer and friends with the bodega owner). Marion’s brother lived on Long Island, but she didn’t show up at his place. Indeed she’s never been seen again.

In the days following her disappearance police combed the Park Slope neighborhood where she lived for any trace of her, and found nothing. They repeatedly questioned Mr. Sosa but he hasn’t been named as a suspect.

mccleneghan sodo place

This is the neighborhood in Brooklyn where Marion McCleneghan-Sodo was last seen in the winter of 2010. From Google Earth.

What happened to Marion McCleneghan-Sodo? The key to this mystery seems to be to figure out what happened between 2AM and 7PM on February 10–between the time she left the party and the time she was seen at the local bodega. As usual, cases like these pique my interest in the geography of where they took place. If Marion’s home, the boyfriend’s home and the bodega are all in the same area, this would strongly suggest that Marilyn spent those missing 17 hours in the neighborhood. Why didn’t anyone else see her there?

I’m intrigued by the detail of the laptop computers and the journal being missing. Presumably she didn’t bring those to the party. Where are they, then, and what happened to them?

Here is the Charley Project file on Marion McCleneghan-Sodo. If you have any information, contact the New York City Police Department.