armored 5

After a long hiatus occasioned by the holidays, I’ve just posted Chapter 36 of The Armored Satchel, my World War II espionage serial, on JukePop Serials! And for the first time in 34 chapters, Max finally gets a little action…I mean, that kind of action! It’s all in the line of duty, of course. But the question remains: can he trust Tiago, the good-looking but mysterious son of the Portuguese bookbinder? After all, nothing less than nuclear destruction is at stake!

One of the tags on The Armored Satchel is “LGBT,” but you may have noticed there’s very little LGBT-related stuff in the story. That changes with Chapter 36. Is this going to lead to a love interest for Max? You’re going to have to keep reading to find out!

To go immediately to Chapter 36, click the cover image above, or click here.

This chapter involves more Portuguese culture. Lisbon, where most of this chapter takes place, is actually one of the great havens in Europe for LGBT people, and doubtless was in the 1940s although naturally such lifestyles had to be kept under wraps at that time. The neighborhood where Tiago brings Max to the safe house is intended to be a district called Alfama, the oldest and densest neighborhood of Lisbon. The streets really are that narrow and everything is (I hope) pretty much in real life as I describe it in the story, thanks to WikiTravel and Google Earth street view.

Sorry for the lack of updates this month, but I’ve been tremendously busy. Chapter 36 is likely to be the last chapter posted during 2013. Here’s looking forward to more votes, more readers and more thrills in the New Year. Thanks again for everyone’s support!