armored 5

The first chapter of The Armored Satchel to go up in 2014 is now live on JukePop Serials. Chapter 37 has got it all–love, sex, spy intrigue, a potential double-cross, and a pulse-pounding chase on motorcycles through the exotic and dangerous streets of Lisbon. Max, the amateur spy, thinks he’s got the situation under control and he’s on top of the world–except the love affair he’s gotten himself into with Tiago is a lot more intense than he bargained for, and at the same time his enemies are closing in on him. So who’s trying to run his motorbike off the road–the Russians, the Nazis or maybe even the American OSS?

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This chapter was a lot of fun to write. There hasn’t been much sex in The Armored Satchel so far, but Chapter 37 is definitely the steamiest entry yet. Also, after a lot of “soft” cliffhangers involving plot twists and story revelations, I thought it was high time to put Max in life-and-limb danger again and give you all a good old-fashioned chase scene. High action scenes are much harder to write than they may seem. I’ve become much better at it than I used to be, but it’s still among the densest and trickiest writing to do for the serial.

The Armored Satchel has been gaining votes so far in January and is now in striking distance of 900. Please, if you haven’t voted for all chapters, do so! As always I appreciate the support, and I hope you’re having fun with the story.