irish graveyard

After the success in December of my “Hawaiian history week,” I’ve decided to do another series! This week, starting tomorrow, we’re going to explore the history of the emerald isle: Ireland, which has a very rich, immensely fascinating and extremely complicated past, stretching back centuries and even millennia. Few places on Earth have a history with as many twists and turns as that of Ireland, and, like Hawaii, it’s been a subject that’s always interested me, though I’ve read far less Irish history than I probably should have.

The history of Ireland is replete with tragedy, from the brutality of Viking, Norman and British conquests to the heartbreaking 20th century conflicts such as the Irish Civil War or the Troubles involving Ulster (Northern Ireland). There’s also a tremendous amount to celebrate in Irish history. Sagas of kings and castles, a compelling tradition of music, food, cultural expression and literature, and a physical environment that is utterly unique on planet Earth are some of the things Ireland has to offer the world. Yet too often the island’s history has lain in the shadows of other histories, such as England’s or even America’s, given the strong population and cultural ties that bind Ireland tightly to many other parts of the world.

As with my Hawaii articles last month, the Ireland history articles will run usually in the evenings (with the exception of tomorrow) and continue all week, with the morning post given over to other things. The Hawaii articles got a lot of likes and re-blogs, so if the Ireland series strikes you the same way, please like, share or RT! Thanks, as always, for the wonderful support from the readers of this blog.

Now, let’s set sail for a land unlike any other, and start rolling back the centuries. Enjoy.