Beowulf is Boring is my most obscure book. It’s a comedy mashup of the original medieval Beowulf story, with ninjas, fire, explosions and lots of gratuitous sex and violence, as well as a modern take on Faust. I wrote it just for fun, but those (very few) who have read it have really enjoyed it.

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Beowulf is Boring, (c) 2009 by Sean Munger

Published November 2009 by Buffalo Fetus Productions

Sean Munger is a struggling sci-fi and historical fiction author with writer’s block. One day the Devil–who looks suspiciously like a heavy metal-loving construction worker from Toronto–takes him out for beers and offers to fill his head with great book ideas, in exchange for his immortal soul. When the Devil comes to collect, Sean talks him into  a curious bargain: the Devil will let him keep his soul if he rewrites the antiquated Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf to make it not quite so terribly boring–which Lucifer insists cannot be done. But whether the hastily-rewritten Beowulf is boring is not in the eye of the beholder–the jury is a class of bored, sexually frustrated ADHD-addled teenage schoolboys who are being held hostage in the reading room of the British Museum. If Sean loses the bargain and Beowulf turns out to be boring, the Devil gets their souls too!

Beowulf is Boring is an innovative retelling of a very old story. If you think medieval literature is dull–and hey, no one can blame you if you do!–you’ll come away with a new appreciation for it after reading the slightly-revised adventures of Anglo-Saxon Britain’s greatest hero. Who likes fighting ninjas. A lot.

Note: because of its curious structure and unusual layout, it is unlikely that Beowulf is Boring will ever be released in e-book format. This is part of why it’s so obscure.

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