armored 5

Earlier today Chapter 41 of my World War II espionage thriller The Armored Satchel went live on JukePop Serials (which has a new URL, by the way). After 41 chapters, the endgame of the story is being revealed. This chapter contains possibly the biggest plot twist in the whole series so far, and resolves the emotional cliffhanger left over from Chapter 40: will Tiago, Max’s boyfriend, drop everything and go with him on a desperate escape back to the States? Time is ticking down and every second counts…and neither of them is out of danger yet, as the Soviet enemies are closing in!

To go immediately to Chapter 41, click the cover image above, or click here.

After 41 chapters and 11 months, The Armored Satchel is soon coming to an end. The way I have it planned out, there will be two more chapters. I’m not certain exactly when I’ll be able to get them written, but certainly the serial will be over by the end of March, which will mean it will have run exactly a year. Just last night my wish that The Armored Satchel break the 1000-vote ceiling was answered. As of this writing the serial has 1022 votes.

The final two chapters are still to come, so there’s still time to vote, read and catch up! After it ends The Armored Satchel will no longer be eligible for the JP Top 30, so be sure to read and vote while you still can. It’s been a great ride and a lot of fun, and I look forward to making the last two chapters as enjoyable and intriguing as I hope you’ve found the whole story so far.