ZombieRebellion by Sean Munger

I’ve been waiting to show you all this for a while now–the cover of my upcoming novel, Zombie Rebellion, which will be out three months and one day from today, on June 3, 2014! The first time my editor showed me the cover I laughed out loud. It is absolutely perfect, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Zombie Rebellion has an interesting history, but as most of you have joined the blog since I finished working on it, I’ll recap it briefly for you here. After my novel Zombies of Byzantium was picked up by Samhain Publishing, I wrote a second historical zombie story, this one taking place on the American frontier (then western Pennsylvania) in 1794. The original title of the book was Zombies of the Whiskey Rebellion, since the “rebellion” described in the novel is the famous backwoods uprising against the federal whiskey tax, which in real life was quashed by an army led by President George Washington–the only U.S. President to personally command a military campaign while in office. The premise of the book is, what if the Whiskey Rebellion happened at the same time as a zombie outbreak?

The title was subsequently changed to Zombie Rebellion, which will be the final title. I’m now working on the final edits of the book and I’ll be starting up the promotion machine, so expect to see a lot more Zombie Rebellion posts in the coming months. In the meantime, enjoy the cover!

The cover was painted by veteran Samhain artist Scott Carpenter and is obviously based on the famous painting The Spirit of ’76 by Archibald Willard. It may seem a little off topic at first, but most historians consider the Whiskey Rebellion to be part of the American Revolutionary era, so both myself and my editor thought it was appropriate.

The cover art of Zombie Rebellion is copyright (c) 2014 by Samhain Publishing and may not be reproduced without their consent.