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Disappeared: Bobby Sine, missing 2 years.

robert sine

A little more than two years ago, on February 6, 2012, Bobby Sine (Robert Earl Sine IV), an 18-year-old boy from Mount Vernon, Washington, leaped out of a car being driven by his mother after she took him to a local hospital. Bobby, who struggled with mental illness, was having a psychotic break. His mother took him to the emergency room but he refused to be treated and abandoned the car near the Division Street Bridge in Skagit County, Washington. As his mother described it, “the illness took over.” He was last seen running toward Riverfront Park near the bridge. Whatever happened to Bobby after this is unknown.

Some traces of Bobby were later found. His wallet was recovered near the river, with ID cards and money still inside. There is some evidence that Bobby Sine is still alive. He was reportedly sighted in the Mt. Vernon area in the summer of 2012 when a couple said he wandered into their driveway in a confused state. Another sighting was reported in September 2013, where a friend encountered and spoke to him. When asked if he was Bobby Sine the young man said, according to this account, “I may have been him in a second life, but I have been reborn.”

If you’ve seen Bobby Sine, call the Mt. Vernon Police Department at 360-336-6271. The Charley Project file on Bobby Sine is here, and here is a Facebook page established by his family to help facilitate his recovery.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Charley Project Blog and commented:
    This is a very sad story. He was obviously not in his right mind — hadn’t slept in four days, hadn’t eaten in longer — and yet they allowed him to refuse treatment. Bobby is a victim of “the system” as much as he is of his disease.

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