The Artlark blog has done it again. This fascinating article profiles Beatrice Wood, who I didn’t realize was the inspiration for one of the main characters in Titanic, one of my favorite movies. There are some really interesting gender issues here too. Wonderful article!


91mqE2RIOHL._SL1500_On the 3rd of March 1893, the American artist and studio potter, Beatrice Wood, was born in San Francisco, California. Her long and eventful 105-year life would later serve as an inspiration for the 101-year-old character of ‘Rose’ in James Cameron’s 1997 film Titanic. Rebellious, uncompromising and ever so romantic, she lived her life to the fullest, avidly pursuing her childhood dream of becoming an artist.

Born into a wealthy blue-blooded family, Beatrice’s highly individual character shone through since early childhood, often colliding with the expectations of her dominating and conservative mother. According to her, Beatrice “wasn’t like the rest of them” (Beatrice Wood, I Shock Myself). Despite her parents’ initial opposition, Beatrice eventually left New York, where the family moved from San Francisco, for Paris to study acting at the Comédie-Française and art at the prestigious Académie Julian. Her stay in France provided her with…

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